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We are one of the leading manufacturers of Rubber Sheets for flooring, Rubber Mud Flaps for Heavy Vehicles, Rubber Soles for Footwears and Rubber Flip Flops / Hawai Chappal, in India.
Our products are widely recognised and accepted by consumers throughout Asia and Middle East continents.

We, Megaus Polymers, are a well recognized provider of quality industrial grade and footwear grade rubber products in the Northern Zone of India.
We have an expertise in moulding and recycling the rubber compounds to provide environment friendly rubber products like EPDM Rubber Sheets for footwear out-soles, Commercial Grade EPDM sheets for Mud Flaps / Splash Guards for heavy trucks.

We have been successfully functioning in the market since 3 decades. Our expertise exists not only in manufacturing high quality products, but also in keeping trust of our customers with efficient customer relationship.

Our hawai chappal / flip flops are widely accepted in all zones of India, especially in Northern and Western Zones.

Our Mud Flaps / Splash Guards are widely accepted in all the topographical and all the weather conditions. Our mud flaps very efficiently survive the temperature above 55 ℃ to a temperature below -25 ℃
Our EPDM / DD sheets are widely used by a large number of well known footwear manufactures.
We are committed to provide the best quality of products and services.

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